Established 1859

At 18:59, just a minute before 7pm one evening, not in New York City but in Henley, England, two passionate brothers had an idea.

For a day job one brother drove a New York taxi and happily ferried people all over the city. The other brother was an expert baker and he baked all night producing some of the finest bagels ever tasted.

They were not just brothers but the closest of friends and the fact that Bert worked all night baking and Aaron worked all day driving his taxi meant they didn't see much of each other.

They both had a passion for service and quality food, excellent coffee and especially bagels. They often wondered how they could see each other more and how they could deliver their passion for fine bagels and service to the good people of NYC.

Well the thoughts kept on trundling around in their heads until a crazy chance happening whilst on a rare holiday together.

The two brothers were on holiday in England and decided to visit the famous Henley on Thames where the Royal Regatta is held annually. They were actually a few days late for the Royal Regatta but on July 11th the Henley Festival was in full swing. 

The brothers walked along the river Thames and enjoyed the boat racing. By early evening they were very hungry. They decided to look for a bagel stand among the many purveyors of fine food lining the river. But alas no! Not a bagel in sight. But then Aaron spotted a taxi, a London black cab and from the vehicle they sold fresh coffee and other treats. Aaron looked at Bert; Bert looked at Aaron and suddenly at 18:59 on July 11th in Henley, England two brothers from New York became the Bagel Brothers! Aaron could still drive his taxi and Bert could still sell those fantastic bagels. And where better to start the venture than in old England? 

So that’s the story and they are sticking to it. However it actually happened remains that of legend. But one thing that is for sure is that Bagel Brothers now sell the finest bagels and coffee and artisan wraps to the hungry folk of England from converted vehicles that look uncannily like New York taxis. 

One chef, one cabbie; two Bagel Brothers.


Some of Our Favorites —

Loving the coffee this afternoon! Absolutely spot on - thank you
— James Hosker
Loving my namesake Sub!
— Bex Bloomfield


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